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Witz Smartphone Locker

Witz Smartphone Locker

Hard plastic case to protect Smart Phones. Fits Blackberry, iPhone (4S or previous), and many Android Phones. The Smartphone Locker is the case for bringing your phone or Electronic devices anywhere your adventures may bring you.

Comes with carabiner.

Weight: 94 g (just the case 87 g)
Outer measures: max. 9,5 cm wide x 13 cm high x 3,2 cm deep (incl. extruding parts)
Inner measures: min. 7 cm wide x 12 cm high x 1,4 cm deep

Patented Angle for easy entry to contents

Anodized Aluminum Carabiner for clipping to bags etc.

Latch positive for security

Rubber O-Ring waterproof seal

Not recommended to be used below -15°C temperatures as the latch might break.

Color:  Clear
Only 1 piece left in stock, after the stock is empty this product is not available.
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