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Reflective Fabric, 0.3 m Dark Grey

Reflective Fabric, 0.3 m Dark Grey

Bargain priced leftover piece!

100% wide reflective fabric which fulfills the requirements for type 2 and 3 total reflectivity needed for standard EN13356:2001 (reflective accessories not for professional use). We have even more reflective quality as a tape in different widths: [REF].

Use for both clothing and gear, be creative and maximize your reflectivity.

Width: 100 cm
Weight: 300 g/m2

Note! Although all the fabric colors are quite reflective only the silver fulfills the EN standards.

When ordering this product notice that when shipping this item we fold it to fit it in a box or an envelope. Folds can leave permanent marks on this material. Shipping on roll is possible with 15 EUR extra shipping charge.

Only 1 piece left in stock, after the stock is empty this product is not available.
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