Shelby offers a wide range of outdoor gear and materials both on this webstore and at our retail store in Merikoskenkatu 1, Oulu, Finland.
Our retail store is open from 12 to 18 on weekdays while our WEBSTORE IS ALWAYS OPEN.

Ski Skins

We have a comprehensive selection of ski skins. Although some sizes and types are soon running low in stock.

Ski Skin Sets

Get your set well before the best Spring skiing season starts! There are better things to do during the night before a tour than hunting for/setting up a new set of ski skins.

8 mm Zipper Tape

Now also 8 mm coil zipper tape available by the meter.

8 mm Zipper By the Meter

Good choice for bags and backpacks when the 10 mm option looks and feels to be a bit of an overkill.

Snow Pegs For Tents

Our tent snow peg selection offers affordable options with top quality for setting up your tent camp on your winter expedition.

Regular thirty centimeter long pegs keep your tent up when there's firm snow available or if you pack down the base before setting up the camp. Half a meter long pegs work better on fluffy snow and give larger surface area when setting up larger tents.