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Shelby Kaava #302 Vuokatti Tights

The Vuokatti tights are great for a wide range of materials to make tights or underwear. Designed with a minimum of seams and easy contruction in mind, these tights also look good. A perfect match for the Vuokatti Pullover. Pattern includes sizes XS-XXL.

Shelby Kaava Pant Sizing
Men (C) 40-42 44-46 48-50 52-54 56 58
Women (C) 36-38 40-42 44-46 48 50 52
Waist 67 75 83 91 99 107
Hip 86 94 102 110 118 126
Outside leg seam 103,5 106,5 109,5 112,5 115,5 118,5
Fabric 1,0 m 1,0 m 1,0 m 1,1 m 1,1 m 1,1 m
25mm Elastic 1 m

Sketch. Material: Included sizing is for stretch fleece, if material does not stretch, make at least one size larger than the measurements say. Recommended fabrics include Polartec PowerStretch, Powerdry, and 100, Lycra fabrics, Schoeller Dryskin, wool knits etc.

Sizing: Sizing is for fleece with at least 25% stretch in this pattern. If you use a non-stretch material, cut at least one size larger.

Remember: No seam allowances in the pattern! If sewing using a flatseam technique seam allowances are not needed. Otherwise if making a normal seam add a 5 mm seam allowance when cutting. The instructions assume you are using normal seams. A lower cuff allowance of 2,5 cm is included. The pattern is designed for the bottom of the waist elastic to be attached to the top edge of the tights. Add allowance if you want the elastic to be encased (2 x the elastic width).

  1. Download the PDF pattern and print it. Below you will find PDFs for A4, A3, Letter and Tabloid paper sizes. Do not apply any scaling. The pattern consists of pages that need to be overlapped and taped together. The alignment marks form boxes with an X in the middle.

    #302 Vuokatti Tights pattern (A4)
    #302 Vuokatti Tights pattern (A3)
    #302 Vuokatti Tights pattern (letter)
    #302 Vuokatti Tights pattern (tabloid)

  2. Cutting
    Sew the front and back crotch seams. Choose the correct size according to the sizing chart. Fold the fabric in half and place piece A. Carefully cut, adding seam allowances if needed. Cut piece B from left over material as only one is needed, remember to mark the single and double notches.

  3. Crotch seams
    The front and back crotch seams are sewn first. Place the A pieces right sides together and sew the front and back crotch seams.

  4. Crotch insert
    The crotch insert. Now the crotch insert will be sewn to the back side of the tights, centered at the back crotch seam. Match the double notch to the back crotch seam and sew along the length of the insert. Be carefully when starting the seam as the end of piece B is quite thin.

    Sew the crotch insert.

  5. Inner seam
    Now the entire inner seam is sewn. Place the tights inside-out and pin the inside seam along the entire length from one ankle, to the crotch, and then to the other ankle. Sew the seam, aligning the single notch on the crotch insert with the front crotch seam.

  6. Waistband and cuff
    Pinning the waistband. Measure the length of the waistband by trying around your waist. Overlap the ends and sew together with a zigzag. The top edge of the tights will overlap the waistband by 1 cm on the inside of the elastic and then is sewn in place with a wide zig-zag. Pin the waistband in place, starting from the back and pinning in quarters. The elastic is smaller than the waist of the tights, so the material needs to be evenly spaced. Now sew with a zigzag around the entire waistband, stretching the elastic to the same length as the fabric while sewing.

    After trying on the tights fold the cuffs over to the desired length and mark. Sew the hem (with a stretch stitch of zig-zag) 2,5 cm from the edge.

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