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Statutory data file

Shelby Oy
Merikoskenkatu 1
90500 Oulu

Registrar name: Shelby Oy’s Customer register

Registrar’s purpose: Customer relationship management

Information contained in the registry: The customers first and last names, address, email address and phone number as well as the customer's order history with comments. Additionally any business information, shipping and billing addresses, the contents of the customer’s shopping cart and the customer’s passwords is encrypted. The customer’s password can not be restored. The contents of the customer’s shopping cart can only be accessed by the customer or technically by the operator.

Information sources: The customer provided details by web store, email or phone.

Registrar contact person:
Heikki Hautala
Phone 0440166976

The registry information is not disclosed to third parties. The data is stored on servers which can only be accessed by authorized maintainers of the registry. The information is protected by username and password.