Shelby offers a wide range of outdoor gear and materials both on this webstore and at our retail store in Merikoskenkatu 3, Oulu, Finland.
Our retail store is open from 12 to 18 on weekdays while our WEBSTORE IS ALWAYS OPEN.

Have a Great Midsummer!

Our shop is closed for Friday the 24th of June. Webstore takes in orders and we efficiently send them out on Monday.

If you need to be inside beside a computer sometime during the Midsummer weekend take a moment and check out our Specials:


Have a great Midsummer!

Shop Open

We have most of the stuff in order at the shop after the water damage. So we are back in service. The shop is open on business days from 12 PM until 6 PM.

The stuff might still be a bit out of place so we might be a bit slow with the service but we do our best. You're welcome!

The last webstore orders from the start of the week will be shipped out today at the latest. New orders are welcome and will be shipped out in the usual swift manner.

Second edition of popular Oulu MTB map in stock now

Second edition has

  • 50 km more tracks
  • new background map
  • better graphics overall